Training & Skill Development

OFD’s Objectives

All our learning material is in line with the ETQA quality delivery of programmes and sound implementation of projects.

Our strategy is Outcomes-based education (OBE) and we have the capacity to train as many learners as required in both Aquaculture and Agriculture.

We have the capacity and infrastructure to keep records and maintain an administrative system as required by our quality management system (QMS) so that it is possible for Agriseta and or the University of Stellenbosch to audit our training effectively.


  • High standard of professionalism in the delivery of programs & services.
  • Ability to master the agricultural sector requirements and mobilise skilled professionals and specialist providers.
  • Sound program implementation methodologies and quality learning materials.
  • Regular reviews of programs for continuous improvement.
  • Provision of objective, timely and accurate agricultural science-based knowledge.
  • Systematic and effective provision of agricultural and rural development solutions.
  • Compliance with prescribed applicable legislative standards and frameworks.