Recommendation: Dr. Chris Henri Fouche (Specialist Aquaculture Scientist)

Re: A recommendation letter regarding the competency and diligence of OFD as an aquaculture business and system service provider.

To whom it may concern:

OFD is recommended for any professional services regarding the planning, design and construction of aquaculture systems or as consultants for aquaculture production procedures. The following curriculum aspects justify the recommendation

OFD has extensive and proven knowledge of livestock production within and technical management of a RAS.

The profile of the company reflects this knowledge and I stand reference here to the following successful projects in the following countries:

Germany – Tilapia Farm
Russia – Tilapia Farm
South Africa – Wilderness Tilapia, Trout – PE, Crayfish – Port Edward, Stellenbosch University Research Facility, Hamburg – Kob production facility.
Namibia – Tilapia Hatchery
Conclusively – OFD has extensive knowledge of aquaculture business plans, systems design, as well as production and management practices.

Equatorial Fisheries contributes to benefit the rural community by creating jobs such as for an aquaculture project completed in the South Eastern Cape (proximity of East London) which was authorized by DAFF.

Signed on this 11th day of January 2019

Yours truly,

Dr.Chris Henri Fouche

Specialist Aquaculture Scientist

Cape Town, South Africa

Letter Of Support – University Stellenbosch

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